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  Free Online Camping Books

Trail Craft 1922
The Open Spaces 1922
Woodcraft & Indian Lore 1921
The Book of Woodcraft 1921
Camps & Trails 1918
Camping Out 1918
Camp Craft 1915
Out of Doors 1915
Camping Activities 1915
Canoeing & Camping 1915
Boy Scout's Hike Book 1913
Camping & Scouting 1911
Camping 1911
The Camper's Handbook 1908
The Way of the Woods 1908
Camp & Trail 1907
Field & Forest Handy Book 1906
The Tramp's Hand-book 1903
Hints on Camping 1882
How to Camp Out 1877
Camp Life in the Wilderness 1875
Wrinkles: Camping Hints 1874
Alone in the Wilderness 1913
The Shaybacks in Camp 1887

Summer in the Girls' Camp 1919
Outdoor Book for Girls 1915
Woodcraft for Women 1916
A Woman Tenderfoot 1900

Handbook for Campers in Calif. 1915
Summer in a Calif. Cañon 1889
Camps in the Rockies 1910
Camps in the Adirondacks 1880
Camp Life in Florida 1875
Camping on German Rivers 1890

  Free Online Camp Cooking Books

Canoe & Camp Cookery 1885
Camp Cookery 1910

  Free Online Outdoor Gear Books

The Sportsman's Workshop 1921
Camp Kits & Camp Life 1906
Camping & Camp Outfits 1889
Buzzacott's Masterpiece 1913

  Free Online Hunting Books

Hunting the Grisly T Roosevelt 1900
Hunting Trips T Roosevelt 1885
The Long Trail K Roosevelt 1921
Travel & Big Game 1897
Our Big Game 1904
Horns & Hoofs 1893
With Horse & Hound 1902
Hunting 1901
A Year in the Wilderness 1875
Sportsman's General Guide 1877
Sporting Magazine 1833
Dictionary of Sports 1835
Sportsman's Dictionary 1800
Sportsman & His Dog 1850
Hive of the Bee Hunter 1854
The Hunter-Naturalist 1867
Practical Game Preserving 1884
Game Farming 1915
Gamekeeper's Note-book 1910
Animal Foes & Friends 1909
Booke of Hunting 1576

  Free Online Fowl Hunting Books

Cook & Carve Game Birds 1919
Wild Fowl Shooting 1888
The Wild Fowler 1864
The Water Fowl Family 1903
Partridge & Pheasant Shooting 1877
Natural History of Game Birds 1844
Pheasant Natural History 1895
Partridge Natural History 1894
Grouse Natural History 1895
On the Wing 1869
Shooting on the Wing 1873
Art of Wing Shooting 1895
Portraits of Game Birds 1888
Propogation of Wild Birds 1915

  Free Hunting Books by Locality

African Game Trails T Roosevelt 1910
Elephant Hunting in Africa 1898
Central African Game 1906
Lake Ngami 1857
Wild Game in Zambezia 1914
7 Years in South Africa 1881
Hunter's Life in South Africa v1 1850
Hunter's Life in South Africa v2 1851
Wild Sports of South Africa 1844

Shooting in China 1908
Large Game in Thibet 1869
Large Game in Thibet & India 1892
Game Birds of India 1864
Wild Sports of India 1860
Sport in Bengal 1887
Game of Bengal & NW India 1877
Hunting & Shooting in Ceylon 1907

Field Sports of Europe 1830
British Rural Sports 1867
Shooting & Fishing in England 1876
Scottish Field Sports 1907
Wild Sports in Ireland 1897
Sportsman in Ireland 1840
Shooting in Lower Brittany 1859
Game Birds of Scandanavia 1867
In Thule: Gun, Rod, Camera 1894

Game of North America 1874
Rod & Rifle in Quebec 1896
Wild Life of Canada 1921
Upper Yukon Sheep Hunting 1911
Big Game in Alaska 1904
Hunting in Alaska 1903
The American Sportsman 1906
Big Game of North America 1890
American Game 1858
American Game-Bird Shooting 1910
US Water Game Birds 1866
Hunting in the Great West 1878
Plains of the West 1876
In the Open in S. Calif. 1906
Game Birds of Calif. 1919
Field Sports of the US 1860
Camp in Adirondacks 1869
Game & Fishing in NE Maine 1898
Game Birds of Mass. 1912
Carolina Land & Water 1867
Florida Game Water Birds 1884

  Free Hunting & Fishing Books

Ranch Life T Roosevelt 1888
Moose Hunting, Salmon... 1902
Guns, Ammo, & Tackle 1904
Fishing & Shooting 1902
With Gun & Rod 1883
Gun, Rod & Saddle 1871
Shooting & Fishing 1871
Shooting & Fishing 1868

  Free Online Shooting Books

Hitting with the Shotgun 1898
Marsh & Stream Shooting 1890
Shooting... Moor & Marsh 1893
Big Game Shooting 1894
Sporting Rifles & Shooting 1920
Rifles & Rifle Shooting 1912
The Complete Shot 1907
The Art of Shooting 1906
Shooting 1902
Sharpshooting for Sport & War 1900
Guns & Shooting 1900
Shooting 1900
A Crack Shot 1882
Become an Expert Shot 1875
Notes on Rifle Shooting 1864
The Dead Shot 1863
Shooting: A Manual 1859
Guns & Shooting 1838
The Shooter's Companion 1823
The Shooter's Guide 1814
Essay on Shooting 1789
Pistol & Revolver Shooting 1922

  Free Online Gun & Rifle Books

On the Shotgun 1887
The Gun... 1907
The Gun 1904
Experts on Guns & Shooting 1900
Choice & Use of a Gun 1892
Guns & Steel 1873
Sporting Guns & Gunpowders 1897
On Gunpowder & Firearms 1789
Sporting Firearms 1912
Firearms for Bush & Jungle 1884
Sportsman's Gun & Rifle v1 1859
Sportsman's Gun & Rifle v2 1884
The American Rifle 1918
US Rifleman's Encyclopedia 1902
Book of the Rifle 1901
The Breech-Loader 1893
Hand-book for Riflemen 1876
The Sporting Rifle 1867
Hints to Riflemen 1864
The Rifle... 1861
Rifles & Rifle Practice 1859

  Free Online Trapping Books

The Trapper's Guide 1887
How to Hunt & Trap 1878
Hunter & Trapper 1874

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From humble beginnings in 1961 with a simple ad in a Wyoming newspaper and in the back of a Sports Afield magazine in 1962, Bass Pro Shops carries everything you need for fishing, including fly fishingand saltwater fishing, not to mention other marine items, like fishing boats, motors, and anchors. They also carry a full array of hunting gear, camping gear, climbing gear, apparel, footwear, and gifts.

  Specialties: Swiss Army knives, binoculars, shooting sports...

Swiss Outpost carries hundreds of Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army knives, watches, gifts, tools and travel products. Victorinox items are usually 25% off list price; Wenger items 30% off. Watch orders, which cannot be discounted, include free shipping and a free Swiss Army Knife. They offer free shipping on all orders over $75.

  "Action Gear", Police Gear, Firefighter Gear, Emergency Gear

Chief Supply sells products to outfit firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMS/EMT personnel. They sell apparel, custom badges, flashlights and spotlights, batteries and chargers, and more.

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